[WATCH] Prime Minister sticks to official line on French spy operation that ended in tragedy
After MaltaToday revealed how five Frenchmen killed in a plane crash two years ago were secret agents tracking arms movements in Libya, Joseph Muscat insists they formed part...
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Blogs Our greatest accomplishment
Evarist Bartolo
There have never been so many people being educated and graduating
Brexit deal agreed by British cabinet, but parliament's approval remains unlikely
The Conversation

Robin Pettitt • While May has managed to get her cabinet to support her leave deal, the underlying divisions remain.

Robin Pettitt • While May has managed to get her...

Pillaging the land for the Gozo tunnel
Josanne Cassar

Malta’s complete philistine indifference towards its natural habitat is an indictment on our society, which, I am sure, will come back to haunt us one day

Malta’s complete philistine indifference towards its...

The devil you know...
Raphael Vassallo

Manfred Weber is about as qualified to present the ‘perspective of the people’, as I am to talk about the social customs of the Wada Fakawi tribe...

Manfred Weber is about as qualified to present the...

Mythoi of a flourishing start-up hub
Business Comment
The dream of having an international innovation and business accelerator centre of calibre may prove to be a true catalyst to attract and nurture future investment
[WATCH] Maltese psychiatrists seeing five times more patients than recommended
In its first ever press conference, the Malta Association of Psychiatry said Malta was going through a crisis in its mental health sector with a very limited pool of designated...
Film review | Malvolent
A group of scamming ghost-hunters get their just desserts – and a shot at redemption – after an elderly woman commissions them to silence a group of spectral screaming...

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